2016 Taipei

In 2014, we encountered social groups concerned about  the homeless issue on the road by chance. They were organizing street presentations. We found that the homeless seem to be different from our origin imagination. From that time, it decreased our curiosity about the homeless. We put  attention to information of the homeless and participate in related activities. Gradually, we realized the difficulties of the homeless, and the seed of the My Way Back Home plan was in our heart.

In 2016, a chance to exhibition in the Wanhua District, the Bopiliao Historical Block. When it comes to Wanhua, the homeless are reappeared in people’s mind. Besides Longshan Temple, Wanhua is a place that many homeless people assemble in. Therefore, by the opportunity, we observe the phenomenon of the homeless, and convert it into art and text records. Consequently, We conceive My Way Back Home plan.